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Welcome to epicfandom! A community open to all fandoms, as long as they're written to epic proportions! :D


1. All entries are moderated for length checking purposes, to make sure they follow community regulations.
2. All entries must have a header.
3. Please include at least an estimation of a word count in your headers, just in case the mods cannot actually check your word count until later.

All genres are welcome.

What Counts?

If you wrote a 1K+ one shot or fic that was originally suppose to be a 100 word drabble

Chapters must be a min of 4K before you can post them here.

50K is the standard length of a small novel, but I'm cutting that in half. If you wish to post an entry linking to a completed story, the word count of all the chapters must be at least 25K.


Prologues and Epilogues can be less than 4K, but must be more than 100 words. This goes for either linking to or posting them.


As series bunnies are rather complicated, you may post any and all installments here as long as all the pieces combined past 20K.


Icons, banners, and fan art are allowed but they must be inspired by and involving context from one of the stories posted in this community. If authors wish to give their formal permission, please fill out this form. To see the official list, graphic makers, click here.


With epic fiction, comes constant questions. There will be monthly or weekly discussions, always posted on the first of the month, to help writers with larger than life WIPs. If you have a suggestion for any future discussions, please suggest them here.